Introducing Voodoo Diamond Tooling

Voodoo™ offers high performance diamond tooling for the professional stone and granite fabricator. Voodoo™ is engineered and designed in the USA and uses cutting edge manufacturing technology and the highest quality raw materials to offer a complete range of premium turbo blades, core bits, cup wheels, profiling router bits, and advanced diamond polishing pads.

Quality Construction

Voodoo Diamond Tooling products are for the professional, crafted with the hiqhest quality raw materials we could find, making a great product.


Designed In The USA

Voodooo Diamond Tooling polishing pads, blades, and profile / core bits are all engineered and designed in the USA. Now that's patriotic.


•  Powerful Blades

•  Amazing Core Bits

•  Durable Polishing Pads

•  Strong Profile Bits

•  Long Lasting Backer Pads